EOF/EOP Program

EOF/EOP Program

Geo's Message Makes Transitioning To College Smooth!

Motivating Students Towards College Success

Everyone Deserves A Shot At College

Getting ready for college is a lot like life. It’s competitive, it’s forever changing and those who succeed are the ones who are prepared for it.

Geo has put together a program featuring keynote speeches and workshops geared towards helping students best prepare college at the pre-collegiate level.

Geo’s program empowers students through vision creation and proper goal setting to successfully jump-start their collegiate careers.

Geo’s ability to tell stories about his shortcomings during his first year of college and how he overcame them to successfully graduate college and build his career is inspiring and will touch the hearts of your students.

Your Students Will Walk Away Learning:

-How to OVERCOME LIMITATIONS to achieve their maximum potential

-The One Word That Sums Up Effective Leadership In 21st Century And How They Can Use It To Become Leaders People WANT to Follow.

-The Military Strategy That Will Give Them A Competitive Edge Inside and Outside The Classroom

-And Lots More!!!

Your students will walk away ready to tackle all challenges that come their way after this fun and engaging presentation.

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