Hi my name is Geo Derice. I was that disengaged student who would never be found on campus outside class hours. I walked away from college with 2 friends in 4 years and attended only 1 club meeting, which happened only because they were offering free food that one meeting. I describe my college experience as one of pure hate, to the degree that when I drive pass my alma mater I cringe. How could one’s college experience go so wrong? Was it the college? Was it I, the student?

After I graduated college with a degree (and not an education) I was working many job I could, including being a personal trainer. That job changed my life because I realized her I was, the college graduation working a job along side high school graduate coworkers. I was mad. I was mad at college for not being what I needed it to be. I wasn’t passionate about fitness, I was just wanted job. How come college didn’t set me up to succeed? And I felt inadequate to do basic things like communicate with those I did not know, BECAUSE I NEVER learned networking skills while attending college or how to work on big projects which I now know would have been a part of the experience in participating within student organizations/clubs.

I spent so much time mad at my college for not helping me succeed until I met a mentor that made me look in the mirror and realize it wasn’t that the resources weren’t on campus, it was that I didn’t maximize my experience to utilize the resources at hand.

I WAS lucky enough to meet a mentor to who taught me the skills and tools I needed to become successful in the real world. However, I could have avoided years of pain and suffering if I would have just done college the right way. But I wasn’t interested in college the way it was presented to me. In fact, I discovered my story wasn’t unique. Many current students are disengaged and student apathy is on a scary rise. I’ve been fortunate enough to see first hand exactly why students are not engaged and how to create an experience that is engaging. Based on research and a real life tested approach, the programming we offer to student leaders and emerging leaders will impact the culture of your campus to make sure your students graduate with the real world skills they need to create a college experience they really want.

I’M committed to speak on every college campus to ensure no student walks away with anything less than the full college experience, after all it’s the dress rehearsal of the life you’ll spend the rest of your years living.

How To Become A Student Leader Others Want To Follow (Student Leadership)

What is the difference between a student leader that others love versus a student leader that others hate? Today everyone wants to be a leader but unfortunately not everyone understands the key to becoming the kind of leader that others willingly follow.

Many people follow leaders because they HAVE to follow them, but that creates an environment or culture of obligation , which leads to many bitter and unhappy people.

However when you lead in a way where followers WANT to be led you will have a culture of excitement, joy and see a MAJOR increase in productivity.

Students will walk away with the major ingredients that top effective leaders use to run small organizations and organizations that have hundreds of members alike, making them valuable in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Students will walk away discovering:

– The One Word That Sums Up Effective Leadership And How They Can Apply It In All Areas of Their Lives To Become Great Leaders

– The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make That Limits Their Leadership Ability And How To Fix It

– The Secrets To Instantly Building Rapport With Your Followers

– What Makes Followers Want To Be Led

– Secret Formula That Instantly Makes Your Followers Feel Empowered To Do More

This thought-provoking presentation based on real-world results will have your students not only become better leaders in school, but also increase their influence when they get to college and their careers.

The Secrets of Highly Successful Students

Being a highly successful student today is not an easy task. With a social media app coming out almost every month now, the battle for focused attention is hurting students from becoming highly successful.

Today’s times it’s even more critical that students be at their best because the world is ultra-competitive. Being good or average is a recipe for being left behind, doing huge damage to one’s self-esteem and self-worth.

This presentation shows students how to be super focused in a distracted world and how by doing so they are able to unlock endless opportunities that will affect their futures in a positive way.

Here’s What Students Will Learn:

– The Secret Formula Highly Successful Students Apply That Helps Them Achieve More In Less Time

– The One Thing That You Must Master That Will Help You Complete More Assignments Than Ever Before

– What Highly Successful Students Never Do That GuaranteesThey Will Succeed More Times Than Fail

– How To Apply A Military Technique To Increase Your Grades And Confidence In School

This action packed presentation will reveal the strategies that separate the students who are successful versus the ones who do not. The goal of highly successful students is to jump-start their success in college so they get a head start towards building successful careers and becoming model citizens of the community. There will be laughter as well as useable content they can immediately implement to see dramatic results in their academic performances.

Secrets To Building A Bully-Free School

Bullying is a serious problem that warrants serious action to solve. Stats show that 1 out of every 4 students REPORT being bullied during the school year. While those odds don’t seem that bad, it’s worth noting that most students who are bullied never actually report it, making the real number scary.

Bullying has strong effects on those that are bullied as well as those who are doing the bullying. Bullying victims are often faced with anxiety and depression and a low desire to attend school. Bullies have greater risk for academic problems, substance use and violent behavior as they get older.

In this presentation the students will be empowered to be the change that helps create a bully-free school by working alongside administration to create a safe environment for all students.

When students understand they have true power that can make a difference they rise to the occasion and make the job of administrators easier and real change is possible.

Students can expect to learn:

– The Secret Albert Einstein Revealed About Why Schools Are So Dangerous and How To Instantly Make It Safe

– The Reason Why It’s Not Worth Getting Revenge When Wronged

– How To Be Resilient Without Ever Saying A Word

– The One Act That Can Increase Your Likability In School Helping You Make More Friends

– Why Saying Nothing At All Actually Creates Bullying And How To Overcome That To Create a Bully-Free School

This is an extremely powerful presentation that incorporates humor, engaging stories and includes the students participation to drive home the importance of respecting each other and creating an environment for learning that all students can enjoy. Your students after going through this fun experience will be excited to co-partner with you to make their school a better place for all.

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Geo delivering a keynote on anti-bullying
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