College Programs

College Programs

Presentation for First Year Students or Orientation

Maximizing Your College Experience  (Signature Program)

There’s no dress rehearsal for life like going to college. College is great preparation for life. Unfortunately, many students enter college unprepared for the culture shock they are about to receive. This leaves them feeling inadequate and thinking that college is not for them, leading to many dropping out after their first year of school.

This presentation shows students that not only they belong in college, but how to make the most of the college experience. Students will walk away more engaged in school activities, achieving better grades in school, and also walk away singing praises about the college they attend.

The mindset, habits, and practices they will walk away from this presentation will show them how to do college right, which will show them how to do life right.

Students will walk away discovering:

– The secret mindset that will instantly help students become more excited about college

– Learning why the hard road is often the best road to long-term success

– The true reason why going to college is worth more than the degree you earn at the end of it

– How to make college work for you instead of against you

– The difference between being in college versus being into college and why the difference will determine the success of your collegiate career.

This is a highly impactful presentation that combines passion, fun, and crowd interaction but ABOVE ALL practical content that works period. Your students will walk away excited to maximize their college experience.

Presentation for Students in Leadership Positions

How To Fully Engage Your Followers As A Student Leader

What is the difference between a student leader that others love versus a student leader that others hate? Today everyone wants to be a leader but unfortunately, not everyone understands the key to becoming the kind of leader that others will follow.

Many people follow leaders because they HAVE to follow them, but that creates an environment or culture of obligation, which leads to many bitter and unhappy people.

However when you lead in a way where followers WANT to be led you will have a culture of excitement, joy and see a MAJOR increase in productivity.

Students will walk away with the major ingredients that top effective leaders use to run small organizations and organizations that have hundreds of members alike, making them valuable in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Students will walk away discovering:

– The One Word That Sums Up Effective Leadership And How They Can Apply It In All Areas of Their Lives To Become Great Leaders

– The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make That Limits Their Leadership Ability And How To Fix It

– The Secrets To Instantly Building Rapport With Your Followers

– What Makes Followers Want To Be Led

– Secret Formula That Instantly Makes Your Followers Feel Empowered To Do More

This thought-provoking presentation based on real-world results will have your students not only become better leaders in school but also increase their influence when they get to college and their careers.

Presentation For Increasing Student Success

The Secrets of Highly Successful Students 

Being a highly successful student today is not an easy task. With a social media app coming out almost every month now, the battle for focused attention is hurting students from becoming highly successful.

Today’s times it’s even more critical that students be at their best because the world is ultra-competitive. Being good or average is a recipe for being left behind, doing huge damage to one’s self-esteem and self-worth.

This presentation shows students how to be super focused in a distracted world and how by doing so they are able to unlock endless opportunities that will affect their futures in a positive way.

Here’s What Students Will Learn:

– The Secret Formula Highly Successful Students Apply That Helps Them Achieve More In Less Time

– The One Thing That You Must Master That Will Help You Complete More Assignments Than Ever Before

– What Highly Successful Students Never Do That GuaranteesThey Will Succeed More Times Than Fail

– How To Apply A Military Technique To Increase Your Grades And Confidence In School

This action-packed presentation will reveal the strategies that separate the students who are successful versus the ones who do not. The goal of highly successful students is to jump-start their success in college so they get a head start towards building successful careers and becoming model citizens of the community. There will be laughter as well as useable content they can immediately implement to see dramatic results in their academic performances.

Leadership Development

 We also offer leadership development ranging from one hour keynotes up to half day workshops.

Contact us to find out which one of our leadership events is perfect for you.

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