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“The Thirst Is Real” is an inspirational guide that helps the reader learn how to maximize their fullest potential. Author Geo Derice shares his personal stories about overcoming challenges in his life to achieve success and how others can accomplish the same too. The book drives the point home, that nothing is impossible for those who are “thirsty” enough to achieve the goals and dreams they have for themselves.

Those who read this book will receive a dose of inspiration and be moved to let the past, pass and press on forward towards their promising futures. People of all ages have found this book to a great reminder of what is possible in one’s life when there is a determination to succeed.

If you’re looking for your students to become fully engaged and excited about their future, this book will be an excellent tool to add to your toolbox.

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Great Read!

” As Geo puts the audience in his shoes, we are offered the opportunity to experience life through his perspective. We are taught that no matter how many times we are told no; how many times we face a bump in the road; how many times others say we can’t/won’t–as long as we have passion and believe in ourselves, our true potential will be seen. If you are looking to maximize your true potential (whether you are a teenager, young adult, or even a senior citizen lol!), this book is a must read! “

By Valerie G. 

I’m Possible

” When I first read that word I thought there was a typo. I re-read it a bunch of times wondering to myself “was this a mistake?”. But the mere fact that I read it over maybe 3-4 times helped me realize that the thought of this word was so far from my mind. We all have dreams, we all feel like we’ve been called to something or have a purpose. But it is another thing to willingly and intentionally act for those purposes. Get this Book! through I’ve realized that the only cap that can be placed on me is the ones that I placed on myself. If I want it, I can get it. I have to be willing to work and put my best foot out there. This is a great book that would either let you know or remind you that the “impossibles” are possible. You’re Possible. I’m Possible. It’s Possible. Amazing Book! “

By Jeffrey J. 

My thirst has been quenched!!!

” Can’t put this book down! This book touches any age group about not forfeiting our dreams and remaining “thirsty”. What I also love about this book is that it’s a page-turner. It’s an easy read, and the illustrations and metaphors the author uses are so revealing. This is SUCH an encouraging book…I highly recommend this book to every teenage kid and young adult. “

By Marsha D.

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