Anti-Bullying Program

Anti-Bullying Program

"Geo's Program Promotes Positive School Climate"

Bullying is a serious problem that warrants serious action to solve. Stats show that 1 out of every 4 students REPORT being bullied during the school year. While those odds don’t seem that bad, it’s worth noting that most students who are bullied never actually report it, making the real number scary.

Bullying has strong effects on those that are bullied as well as those who are doing the bullying. Bullying victims are often faced with anxiety and depression and a low desire to attend school. Bullies have a greater risk for academic problems, substance use and violent behavior as they get older.

In this presentation, the students will be empowered to be the change that helps create a bully-free school by working alongside administration to create a safe environment for all students.

When students understand they have a true power that can make a difference they rise to the occasion and make the job of administrators easier and real change is possible.

Students can expect to learn:

– The Secret Albert Einstein Revealed About Why Schools Are So Dangerous and How To Instantly Make It Safe

– The Reason Why It’s Not Worth Getting Revenge When Wronged

– How To Be Resilient Without Ever Saying A Word

– The One Act That Can Increase Your Likability In School Helping You Make More Friends

– Why Saying Nothing At All Actually Creates Bullying And How To Overcome That To Create a Bully-Free School

This is an extremely powerful presentation that incorporates humor, engaging stories and includes the students’ participation to drive home the importance of respecting each other and creating an environment for learning that all students can enjoy. Your students after going through this fun experience will be excited to co-partner with you to make their school a better place for all.

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