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Hi, my name is Geo Derice. I was that disengaged student who would never be found on campus outside class hours. I walked away from college with 2 friends in 4 years and attended only 1 club meeting, which happened only because they were offering free food that one meeting. I describe my college experience as one of pure hate, to the degree that when I drive pass my alma mater I cringe. How could one’s college experience go so wrong? Was it the college? Was it I, the student?

After I graduated college with a degree (and not an education) I was working any job I could, including being a personal trainer. That job changed my life because I realized here I was, the college graduate working a job alongside high school graduate co-workers. I was mad. I was mad at college for not being what I needed it to be. I wasn’t passionate about fitness, I just wanted a job. How come college didn’t set me up to succeed? And I felt inadequate to do basic things like communicating with those I did not know BECAUSE I NEVER learned networking skills while attending college or how to work on big projects which now I know would have been a part of the experience in participating in student organizations/clubs.

I spent so much time mad at my college for not helping me succeed until I met a mentor that made me look in the mirror and realize it wasn’t that the resources weren’t on campus, it was that I didn’t maximize my experience to utilize the resources at hand.

I WAS lucky enough to meet a mentor to who taught me the skills and tools I needed to become successful in the real world. However, I could have avoided years of pain and suffering if I would have just done college the right way. But I wasn’t interested in college the way it was presented to me. In fact, I discovered my story wasn’t unique. Many current students are disengaged and student apathy is on a scary rise. I’ve been fortunate enough to see first hand exactly why students are not engaged and how to create an experience that is engaging. Based on research and a real-life tested approach, the programming we offer to student leaders and emerging leaders will impact the culture of your campus to make sure your students graduate with the real world skills they need to create a college experience they really want.

I’M committed to speaking on every college campus to ensure no student walks away with anything less than the full college experience, after all, it’s the dress rehearsal of the life you’ll spend the rest of your years living.


Geo Derice is the author of “The Thirst Is Real”, a guide dedicated to helping students maximize their full potential.

Geo has been personally acknowledged for his work with the youth by New York City Councilman.

Geo was recently chosen to head up a youth advocacy group to help provide inspiration and practical strategies to help increase success amongst the youth in NYC.

FindSpark, the nation’s largest meet-up group for interns and recent grads in the country called Geo “an extraordinary inspirational speaker who speaks to the hearts, minds, and souls of students and also named him one of the 30 top black professionals with careers that will inspire you.”

Geo grew up in the streets of Brooklyn, NY where he attended one of NYC’s worst high schools. His high school was labeled by the NY Daily News as a “Thugs Rule School” and was known for having an average of one violent incident every three days. Nonetheless, he thrived as a scholar-athlete winning many awards living out the principles instilled in him by his parents of hard work, excellence, and faith.

During his college years, Geo would give back to his high school coaching the football team for 3 years where he mentored many of his players, who thank him today for the men that they are, many with their own families, owning homes and serving as positive role models in the community.

Geo has worked behind the scenes with several multi-million dollar enterprises. As a vice president of marketing, he helped put together a campaign that helped generate over $100,000 in monthly revenue. In addition to his work with businesses, he’s partnered with organizations such as Yogi Berra Museum, and Foundations For Life, all geared towards empowering youth to achieve their personal best and live out their promising futures.

When not speaking, Geo can be found watching HGTV with his beautiful wife Marsha, who even Geo can’t believe actually married him :-)

Geo and the NBA's Brooklyn Nets working together to give back for the holidays.
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