youth speakerWho Is Geo Derice?

Geo Derice is the author of “The Thirst Is Real”, a guide dedicated on helping students maximize their full potential.

Geo has been personally acknowledged for his work with the youth by New York City Councilman.

Geo was recently chosen to head up a youth advocacy group to help provide inspiration and practical strategies to help increase success amongst the youth in NYC.

FindSpark, the nation’s largest meet-up group for interns and recent grads in the country called Geo “an extraordinary inspirational speaker who speaks to the hearts, minds and souls of students and also named him one of the 30 top black professionals with careers that will inspire you.”

Geo grew up in the streets of Brooklyn, NY where he attended one of NYC’s worst high schools. His high school was labeled by the NY Daily News as a “Thugs Rule School” and was known for having an average of one violent incident every three days. Nonetheless he thrived as a scholar athlete winning many awards living out the principles instilled in him by his parents of hard work, excellence, and faith.

During his college years, Geo would give back to his high school coaching the football team for 3 years where he mentored many of his players, who thank him today for the men that they are, many with their own families, owning homes and serving as positive role models in the community.

Geo has worked behind the scenes with several multi-million dollar enterprises. As a vice president of marketing he helped put together a campaign that helped generate over $100,000 in monthly revenue. In addition to his work with businesses, he’s partnered with organizations such as Yogi Berra Museum, and Foundations For Life, all geared towards empowering youth to achieve their personal best and live out their promising futures.

When not speaking, Geo can be found watching HGTV with his beautiful wife Marsha, who even Geo can’t believe actually married him :-)

Geo and the NBA's Brooklyn Nets working together to give back for the holidays.
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